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The Time Dimension

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The Time Dimension- Its Relationship to the Origin of Life The Time Dimension- Its Relationship to the Origin of Life .jpg

by A. E. Wilder-Smith
121 Page paperback

By the time the average child has completed the school system he feels himself sure of the following so-called "scientific" facts: the universe is billions of years old, life evolved from non-life, and life is but a fortuitous occurrence of accidental circumstances. In his book, The Time Dimension, renowned scientist, professor, and public speaker Dr. AE Wilder-Smith refutes these ideas citing the fallacies of current dating techniques and misconceptions about the nature of time itself.

Today's science is noted for quoting exceedingly long time spans for the history of the proposed evolution of life on earth. In his book, Dr. Wilder-Smith disproves such thinking (as for example matter plus time equaling life), on the basis of some of the latest developments in information theory, quantum physics and radiometric dating.

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