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The Ark Encounter is a full-scale Noah's Ark tourist attraction that opened in 2016 and is operated by Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis partnered with a private for-profit company to build it. The ark cost $100 million and is 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, based on the dimensions given in the Bible. It is described as the largest timber-frame structure in America and the world.
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Information is a term derived from the Latin verb informare meaning "to give form to the mind", "to discipline", "instruct", "teach". Information is generally understood as knowledge or facts that one has acquired. However, in some areas of science information is defined differently and often ambiguously. To creation science, it is information (God's word) that underlies the fine-tuning of the universe. Furthermore the existence of biological information inside every cell (DNA and RNA) provides what is perhaps the most powerful argument for intelligent design. William Dembski asserts that DNA possesses specified complexity and therefore it must have been produced by an intelligent cause, rather than being the result of natural processes.
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Bible is a general term which refers to the books used by a particular Hebrew or Christian group. As the term bible was originally used descriptively (to describe the books used by a particular group), it varied from one group to the next and did not necessarily denote any special authority within each group. However, as time went on, the term Canonical (essentially meaning standard of comparison) came to be applied to those scriptures (writings) that had special authority. When the Protestant Reformation occurred in the 16th century, a debate over which books were authoritative and which books were merely to be read arose within Christianity, with the Protestants advocating a return to the distinctions found in the church fathers.
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A miracle is an act of supernatural intervention by God. Miracles are brought about by the immediate agency or the simple volition of God, without the use of mechanisms capable of being discerned by empirical senses, and in many cases designed to authenticate the divine commission of a religious teacher and the truth of his message.

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