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The Remarkable Journey of Jonah

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By Henry Morris

The Remarkable Journey of Jonah • A Bold Defense of the Truthfulness of the Old Testament • Rich insights from one of the world’s best Bible commentators • Historical context blends well with the devotional aspects of the book • The third volume in the author’s popular “Remarkable...” series

The collection of books known as the Bible contains history’s greatest stories. One of the most intriguing — and controversial — is the Book of Jonah. Tucked-in near the end of the Hebrew scriptures, the book chronicles the almost-legendary story of a prophet sent to preach to one of the ancient world’s most brutal regimes, Assyria. And that is precisely the problem with Jonah; was he real? Or, as modern commentators like to speculate, was he some mixture of myth and truth?

In The Remarkable Journey of Jonah, beloved conservative scholar Henry Morris presents compelling evidence that Jonah was in fact very real. Not only that, the “great fish” that swallowed him was also real.

The spiritual insights that Morris has gleaned over the decades sparkle in the light of biblical truth. Readers will find their faith strengthened by the reality of Jonah’s life, and the lessons he has for all of us.



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