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That Their Words May Be Used Against Them

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By Henry M. Morris, Institute for Creation Research
487 pages (hard cover)
ISBN 0890512280

That Their Words May Be Used Against Them In sifting through the shifting sands of evolutionary thought, one can be forgiven for feeling tangled up in a plethora of conflicting statements. A very great secret kept from the public is that evolutionary scientists are far from unanimity when it comes to naturalism. There are so many competing theories that collide, how can anyone call evolution more than a theory?

This vast storehouse of quotes, compiled by Dr. Henry M. Morris and divided into sections, gives much food for thought to those confused by evolutionary theory. Each of the 15 chapters are useful for defending creation against evolution in explaining origins. These relevant quotations bring to light the fatal weaknesses of the entire structure of evolutionism - inadvertently exposed by its own promoters!



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