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Shephatiah (Hebrew: שפטיה, Shefaṭyāh; "Name means::YHWH has judged") is the name of at least ten men in the Bible:

  1. A Haruphite, and one of thirty men who were with David at Ziklag
  2. The fifth son of David by Abital, born to David while he reigned at Hebron
  3. Son of Maachah and commander of the Simeonite contingent of David's army
  4. Son of Reuel of Benjamin and a long-time resident of Jerusalem
  5. A servant of Solomon whose descendants returned from Exile with Zerubbabel
  6. Son of King Jehoshaphat (probably the youngest), who was killed at the hand of his brother Jehoram
  7. Son of Mattan and official of King Zedekiah, who induced Zedekiah to imprison Jeremiah
  8. The ancestor of 372 persons who returned from the Exile under the governorship of Zerubbabel
  9. Ancestor of Zebadiah son of Michael, another Exile returnee
  10. Son of Mahalaleel and descendant of Perez, whose descendant was in turn selected by lot to live in Jerusalem under then-governor Nehemiah