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Science Research Foundation

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Science Research Foundation (SRF) (Turkish: Bilim Araştırma Vakfı - BAV) is a non-governmental organisation that promotes creationism which was founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1990. In his statement of belief the SCF states that "the scientific works of the Science Research Foundation concentrate particularly on the origin of the universe, living things and mankind".[1] The inspiration of the activities of the society is the work of 250 volumes composed by Adnan Oktar, an Islamic creationist. Adnan Oktar is the Honorary President of the SRF.

The stimulus to the growth of creationism in Islam came from the Muslim minister of education in Turkey who sought the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), for help in developing twofold curriculum that would teach evolution and creationism side by side.[2]

Members of the SRF are sometimes referred to as Adnan Hocacılar ("Adherents of Adnan the Hodja") by the general public[3] and the organization is referred as Adnan Hoca organization.[4]


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