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Persuaded by the Evidence

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Persuaded by the Evidence.gif

by compilation editors Doug Sharp & Jerry Bergman
288 Page paperback
Retail Price: $13.99
ISBN 9780890515457

A unique and interesting collection of true stories from Christians — each sharing his personal journey to find the biblical truth of a six-day creation! From scientists in the midst of complex research to youth ministers, and more, see how each began at a different point and place in his life to question the supposed truth of evolution and how faith and actual evidence led to his embracing a creation-based, biblical world-view. In their testimonies, you will read about their search for answers, often unavailable through their school, their church, or scientific knowledge — and how the discoveries they made have shaped their faith and changed their lives. Seeking answers for yourself? Discover the powerful truths these individuals now share — and find yourself also persuaded by the evidence!

Contributors include: Carl Kerby, Curt Sewell, Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, Dr. Walter T. Brown, Dr. Raymond Damadian, Frank Sherwin, and more!

Stories Focus on:

  • Powerful testimonies of the concept of a creator
  • Discovering creation truths within scientific careers
  • Understanding the relevance of Genesis to your personal faith
  • Finding answers to life’s toughest questions through understanding Genesis
  • Appreciating the powerful influence of creation believers and scholars
  • Features a “Founding Fathers of Creationism” special section focused on Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. John Whitcomb, Dr. Andrew Snelling, and more.
  • Special spotlight! Short biography of Dr. Mortimer Adler, chairman of the board of editors of Encyclopedia Britannica for many years