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Doug Sharp

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Douglas B. Sharp is the host of Revolution Against Evolution, a cable TV show aired in the mid-Michigan area that answers tough questions concerning science and the Bible.  This show has been airing since 1993, and as of 2013 the RAE TV team has produced over 550 episodes.  His web site is and many of the TV episodes may be viewed at  He is the author of The Revolution Against Evolution, published in 1993 and translated into Russian.  His books Persuaded by the Evidence and Transformed by the Evidence are personal testimonies of what scientific evidence triggered individuals to consider young-earth creation and the transforming power of that evidence.  The Revolution Against Evolution also sponsors conferences and adventure vacation trips.  A lifetime resident of Lansing, Michigan, Doug and his wife, Vivian, have two adult daughters, Karen and Linda and two grandchildren.

Doug Sharp
Revolution Against Evolution
P.O. Box 80664
Lansing, MI 48908