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Kingdom of Belgium
Koninkrijk België (Dutch)
Royaume de Belgique (French)
Königreich Belgien (German)
Location of Belgium on the European continent
Map of Belgium
Location of Belgium on the European continent
Location of Belgium on the European continent
Flag Coat of arms
Anthem: The "Brabançonne"
Patron Saint(s): Saint Joseph
Official language(s) Dutch, French, German
Demonym Belgian
Government Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy
 -  Prime Minister Yves Leterme
Independence from the Netherlands 
 -  Water (%) 6.4
 -  2008 estimate 10,666,866 (76)
 -  2001 census 10,296,350 
 -  Density 344.32/km2 (29)
891.8/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 377,215,000,000 (29)
 -  Per capita 35,387 (19)
GDP (nominal) 2007 estimate
 -  Total 454,283,000,000 (19)
 -  Per capita 42,617 (16)
Currency Euro (EUR)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 -  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Internet TLD .be
Calling code 32
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Belgium (Dutch: België; French: Belgique; German: Belgien) or the Kingdom of Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe, bordered by the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the North Sea. Its capital city is Brussels.

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  1. Prior to 1999, the national currency was the Belgian franc (fr.).