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NW USA Creation News

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NWCreationNews is an email announcement service established June 2001 by the Northwest Creation Network. The list is free and open to everyone, but posts are restricted to news of creation science events in the Northwest USA. List members may post news, but each item will be individually approved for content. There are ~460 members of NWCreationNews, and the average message distribution is ~6 per month.

To subscribe to NWCreationNews use the entry box to submit your email address, or to avoid obtaining a Yahoo username simply send a blank email to: (

The NWCreationNews listserv resides at YahooGroups. This browser interface provides the list with addition features that may be used by all members. To access the optional NWCreationNews website, the member must log-in using a Yahoo username, and may elect to read posts online instead of receiving daily email.