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HybriDatabase is an online database that records pairs of species that are known to hybridzie. The development of this database was facilitated largely by the efforts of creation scientists Ashley Robinson and Todd Wood. The database is hosted and maintained by the Center for Origins Research (CORE) at Bryan College and currently contains nearly 5000 entries.


In addition to morphology, the ability to interbreed and reproduce is a characteristic which indicates that an organismal category of plant or animal may have descended from the same original created kind; termed baramin. The term "baramin" was derived and interpreted from the original Hebrew meaning of "created kind". To aid in the identification of baramins, a database of known cases of interbreeding and reproduction was needed. For example, a cross between a lion and tiger produces a viable hybrid called a liger. Based on this data, along with data from morphological traits, modern lions and tigers are thought to have diverged from the same cat-based baramin.

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