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Doubts about Darwin

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by Thomas Woodward
320 pages Softcover
ISBN 0801064430

Doubts about Darwin is based on the doctoral dissertation by Tom Woodward in which he documents the rhetorical history and development of the intelligent design movement. As a participant in the movement himself, Dr. Woodward provides an insider view of key events and personalities over the past twenty years. What readers will find most useful about this book is the succinct summary of key arguments and books by Michael Denton, Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe and William Dembski. You could consider it the “Cliff Notes” of the Design Movement. Another fascinating aspect of the book is the description of key historical events like Phillip Johnson’s initial faculty colloquium at Berkeley where he first circulated and “tested” his Darwin on Trial manuscript, or the Campion Debate, a private meeting of twelve heavyweights to discuss the teaching of origins in the public schools, which turned in to a 4 hour emotionally-charged debate between Stephen Jay Gould and Phillip E. Johnson. Those attending called it a draw, but for Phillip Johnson, standing toe-to-toe in the ring for twelve rounds with Gould, and living to tell about, it was a major victory.

Readers will also find the 50 pages of research notes, bibliography and index extremely helpful for doing further reading and research. And be sure you don’t miss this footnote on the bottom of page 83: “In my October 2000 interview with David Raup, he said, reflecting on the Campion meeting: ‘Phil Johnson’s work is very good scholarship and, of course, this has been widely denied. He cannot be faulted; he did his homework and he understands 99 percent of evolutionary biology.’” This is an incredible statement from one of the leaders of the scientific establishment when the party line has been to try and marginalize Johnson as a lawyer who doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to evolutionary biology.


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