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Creation in the 21st Century

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David Rives on set of Creation in the 21st Century.

Creation in the 21st Century is a weekly television show on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) aimed at presenting evidence for creation and refuting the false claims of evolutionism. The show is hosted by David Rives, president of David Rives Ministries.

The program airs every Wednesday at 11am Central (9 Pacific) on TBN.

In July 2013, Dr. Paul Crouch and Matthew Crouch of TBN interviewed David Rives on a Behind the Scenes special about the launch of the show.

The host, Rives, interviews top scientists from leading creation organizations including Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis. The 30 minute programs, according to the show’s website, aim to get viewers to “…look objectively upon what we see around us, as scientific facts reveal that there is a solid basis for the belief in a Creator.”

Creation in the 21st Century
P.O. Box 2824
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Phone: (931)212-7990

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