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Always Be Ready

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The Always Be Ready ministry is an apologetics ministry that was created Charlie Campbell in order to prove our Christian faith and to prove evolution wrong. It is a Bible believing ministry that believes strictly in the Bible and that it is a solid truth. They hold strong to the belief that the earth was created in the six days that God set aside and that the Bible is one hundred percent truth. Charlie Campbell first became a firm believer in 1990. After he started to get into the Bible he realized that problem with evolution and how it can be an impediment.

Charlie Campbell

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Charlie Campbell, the founder of the Always be Ready Ministry, has been in many different Biblical ministries since 1997. He was born and raised in southern California and first became a firm believer in 1990. He had started out as a Christian during his childhood but ended up falling about from it during his college and high school years. During this time he had thought of himself as a firm Atheist until he began questioning the actual principle of atheism itself. After starting up in the church again, he stumbled across a book titled "Apologetics" and began to read. He is now the founder and leader of a huge apologetic's ministry.[1]

Over the years, Charlie has traveled to many different countries including Europe, Canada, South America, Central America. While traveling to these places he has taught thousands of others how to defend their faith and how to follow Jesus effectively. While in the United States he travels to a different church every week in order to spread the word more effectively. Even if these churches all aren't even the same denomination he still likes to go and spread the word to all in order to give everyone a different perspective on the life on Christ on their own Christianity.[2]


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Always Be Ready is a Christian ministry that the Bible is the true inspired word of God. They also believe that in the first six days of creation everything was created and that it was created by God himself. They believe in Jesus Christ and that he died on the cross for everyone's sins and that he rose again and then ascended into heaven. They also believe that he will come back and rule over the earth for 1000 years before everyone ascends into heaven. They also believe that in order for heaven to be reached you must be saved and that you must accept Jesus with no faults. They also believe that the devil will try and make you sin and try to convince you that evolution is a fact. For this reason alone they have created their ministry in order to defend everyone's faith and to prove evolution wrong and to give solid evidence for the Bible. [3]


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