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Western fescue

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Western fescue
Western fescue.jpg
Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Festuca occidentalis

Western fescue is a species of fescue grass that is known by the scientific name Festuca occidentalis. Detailed information about the western fescue is not really available due to its provincial habitat and not being relatively popular among people or botanists. The plant primarily resides in the Northwestern United States as its partial name implies, but have also been found in British Columbia. It lives in a relatively hot region and its leaves tend to droop, possibly due to the condition of its habitat. As a result few people cultivate western fescue as a lawn grass.


Western fescue 2.jpg

Western fescue is classified as grass. Its stems are generally thin and between 40 - 110 centimeters. Leaves are 5-25 centimeters in blade, and 0.5-1 mm in width. Its inflorescence has one or two [branches, their length is 5-20 centimeters, and they are usually sagging because they live in a hot area. They are only found in half of North America such as Peninsular rages, Sierra Nevada, Northwestern California, Modoc Plateau, and Central Western California. British Columbia is the only place that it can be found outside of the United States.[1]


Western fescue's active growth period is during the spring and summer, and the bloom period is spring, and ends around beginning of summer. Its growth rate is balanced, not very fast or slow, but after harvest, it becomes too weak to regrow, so if harvested it becomes useless and cannot be reproduced. It is propagated only by seed; its reproduction has nothing to do with such bare root, bulb, container, corn, cuttings, sod, sprigs, tubers. The seed spread rate is slow.[2][3]

--- Detailed Chart for Western fescue ---

Bloom Period Spring
Commercial Availability Contracting Only
Fruit/Seed Abundance High
Fruit/Seed Period Begin Spring
Fruit/Seed Period End Summer
Fruit/Seed Persistence No
Propagated by Bare Root No
Propagated by Bulb No
Propagated by Container No
Propagated by Corm No
Propagated by Cuttings No
Propagated by Seed Yes
Propagated by Sod No
Propagated by Sprigs No
Seed per Pound 34800
Seed Spread Rate Slow
Seedling Vigor Medium
Small Grain No
Vegetative Spread Rate None



The distribution of western fescue.png

Western fescue lives in North America. Also, as it is classified as grass, it is seen in forests. It is known that western fescue is found in dry climate areas such as San Juan County. Its habitat is really limited as mentioned before. It is rarely found in British Columbia; it is hard to find and discover, that's why the information or research on Western fescue is relatively weak.[5][6]

--- Distribution in California ---

Counties Jepson Bioregions
Amador Warner Mountains
Butte North Coast
Colusa Klamath Ranges
Del Norte North Coast Ranges
El Dorado Cascade Range Foothills
Fresno High Cascade Range
Glenn Sierra Nevada Foothills
Humboldt High Sierra Nevada
Kern Tehachapi Mtns
Lake Central Coast
Lassen SF Bay
Madera South Coast Ranges
Mendocino Peninsular Ranges
Monterey Modoc Plateau
Santa Barbara
San Bernardino
San Benito
Santa Clara
Santa Cruz
San Diego
San Luis Obispo
San Mateo



Blue Fescue is same species of western fescue.