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The magnetosphere deflects the flow of most solar wind particles around the Earth.

God created the Earth with a strong electric current in the core, which produces an intense magnetic field.[1] This field holds a magnetosphere in place which contains the Van Allen belts. The magnetosphere consists of regions (belts) surrounding the Earth where charged particles are trapped in the magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field and the magnetosphere it produces protect us from dangerous cosmic bombardment like the radiation from solar flares. The magnetic field, together with the atmosphere and the ozone layer, prevent life on Earth to be in great danger.[2]

While charged particles will become naturally trapped in a magnetic field, the density of the Earth's magnetosphere is the highest of any planets in our solar system. The only other rocky planet to have a magnetic field is Mercury, but its field strength is 100 times less than the Earth's. The protective shield provided by the magnetosphere is clearly a design that is unique to our planet.

The decay of the geomagnetic field

Main article: geomagnetic field decay
Decayment of the geomagnetic field from 1835-2005.

The strength of Earth's magnetic field is decreasing, which puts an upper limit on the age of the Earth. Scientists have been able to measure and record the decay of the Earth's magnetic field for many years. According to John Morris, the field's overall strength has declined by about 7% since 1829.[3] Since the magnetosphere is generated by the magnetic field, it is suspected that it is decaying as well, although this has not been directly confirmed. The belts are thought to be undergoing exponential decay, which is what we would expect from a decaying current. In any case, the magnetosphere would disappear if Earth's magnetic field were to decay completely, since there would be nothing to confine the charged particles.


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