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Cholera bacteria SEM.jpg
Scientific Classification


Class Alpha Proteobacteria    Caulobacterales - e.g. Caulobacter
   Rhizobiales - e.g. rhizobia
   Rhodospirillales - e.g. Acetobacter
   Rickettsiales - e.g. Rickettsia
   Sphingomonadales - e.g. Sphingomonas
Class Beta Proteobacteria    Burkholderiales - e.g. Bordetella
   Neisseriales - e.g. Neisseria
Class Gamma Proteobacteria    Acidithiobacillales
   Aeromonadales - e.g. Aeromonas
   Alteromonadales - e.g. Pseudoalteromonas
   Chromatiales - purple sulfur bacteria
   Enterobacteriales - e.g. Escherichia
   Legionellales - e.g. Legionella
   Pasteurellales - e.g. Haemophilus
   Pseudomonadales - e.g. Pseudomonas
   Thiotrichales - e.g. Thiomargarita
   Vibrionales - e.g. Vibrio
   Xanthomonadales - e.g. Stenotrophomonas
Class Delta Proteobacteria    Bdellovibrionales - e.g. Bdellovibrio
   Desulfuromonadales - e.g. Geobacter
   Myxococcales - myxobacteria
Class Epsilon Proteobacteria    Campylobacterales - e.g. Helicobacter