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Live Pterosaurs in America

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By Jonathan David Whitcomb
Third edition, expanded and updated
154 pages. paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1466292116

Live Pterosaurs in America

Published by CreateSpace
November 2, 2011
Cryptozoology; Wildlife; True-life encounters
Sold on Amazon and by a few other retailers
Suggested Retail $13.65

Unlike the author's first book, Searching for Ropens , Live Pterosaurs in America (LPA) fits neatly into the genre "cryptozoology," with more-limited references to Biblical-creation aspects of living-pterosaur research. Nevertheless, the book makes it clear that creationists deserve much credit for the advancements in our knowledge about pterosaur-like cryptids that seem to live both in Papua New Guinea and in the United States. In addition, the appendix gives more details about how creation philosophy is related to this branch of cryptozoology. Dogmatic adherence to standard-model assumptions has hindered potential discoveries; this book makes that clear.

It works as an introduction to living-pterosaur cryptozoological investigations, as it includes summaries of various aspects of the earler expeditions in Papua New Guinea. But LPA focuses on sightings of apparent pterosaurs living in the United States. Eyewitness accounts abound, with many quotations of those who encountered the flying creatures.

Something perhaps never before covered in a cryptozoology book--that is an analysis of three factors that disprove the idea that a hoax or hoaxes had any significant part in the many accounts of apparent pterosaurs seen in the United States:

1) Descriptions of a long tail in about 80% of the reports
2) Degree of certainty of "feather-less"
3) Overall wingspan estimates that strongly suggest no overall hoax or hoaxes

In the second edition (included in the third edition), more evidence against any hoax-explanation is presented.

The third edition, in the appendix, provides more information about sightings in Cuba, in the mid-twentieth century.

The writing is easy, understandable to high school students and even younger. Still, the style (sentence-lengths, etc) is comfortable for the average adult reader.



". . .not only gave everyone more sightings than they can dispute (21 states!!!), but you also wove a descriptive and engaging ongoing investigation . . . thank you again for the WONDERFUL book! . . ." Susan Wooten, South Carolina (referring to the first edition)

"This seems to be the author's second book on the subject, and this one is worth the effort. He has focused on the accounts of witnesses who saw something, and that adds credibility. The writing is easy to read and he adds comments and analysis to make it all more useful. Mostly, the author lets the sightings speak for themselves, which is good. A worthwhile book." 'Red Rabbit,' Cleveland, Ohio (giving five stars to the first edition)

"I found this book very interesting. . . . Why is it not possible for the Ropen to still live? . . . The problem with science is that we think we know it all and that is far from reality. This book shows courage to continue the search. If you have an interest in cryptozoology you should read this." Dale S. Reeder, Pennsylvania (referring to the first edition)

"I couldn't put this book down. It is absolutely fascinating to read about eyewitness accounts of the people who have seen these creatures. To learn about these testimonies from such an open minded perspective is refreshing in the extreme! The way that our school systems and scientists alike are indoctrinated is sad. There is so much money out there being used for research, if only they would use it for good. I highly recommend this book to anyone! People should know the truth about what is going on. No one ever hears anything about this unless they conduct extremely specific internet searches, even then, information is minimal. Jonathan Whitcomb needs to write more books!" StrangeDream (referring to the second edition) (Amazon comment: October 11, 2011)