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Liberapedia is a wiki that was created to counter Conservapedia and to promote their liberal POV. They modestly claim to be "Saving The World From Neoconservative Fascist Hatemongering Racists". As of August 15, 2012 Liberapedia had 2356 articles.

Pro-evolutionist POV

The editors of Liberapedia maintains a clearly pro-evolutionary view. They try, without any basis, to defend evolution as a "fact" and creation as a "myth." In this article on EvoWiki they say:

EvoWiki, also known as the evolution education wiki is an atheist website that promotes the fact of evolution and dismisses the myth of creation[1]

On the other hand, in his article on CreationWiki, the Liberapedia makes attempts to detract the founder of CreationWiki, Chris Ashcraft as an extremist and accuses the editors of CreationWiki and/or Conservapedia as being fascists, even without the slightest basis of the political position of the editors of CreationWiki. In the article on CreationWiki they states:

CreationWiki is a Christian fundamentalist wiki dedicated to promoting the myth of creationism. It was started by Chris Ashcraft, a Christian extremist, to counter the truths found in EvoWiki.[2]
Although a different wiki from Conservapedia, many CreationWikians are also Conservapedians. Because these two fascist websites are such easy targets for vandalism, IP edits are banned.[2]

Due to the mocking tone of his articles, the Liberapedia is a site closest to the Uncyclopedia than to the other wikis like Wikipedia.

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