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Uncyclopedia is a parody of the Wikipedia project, although it apparently shares many of the same editors, and worldviews. The Uncyclopedia project parodies mainly popular culture, Creation and Evolution, global warming, and various metaphors and phrases. However, much like on Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia editors take an obviously anticreationist stand in articles such as: Creationism, Evilution, and even in their articles on sites such as CreationWiki, Answers in Genesis and Conservapedia. Many of the editors in Uncyclopedia clearly hate creationism, and consistently use threats of vandalism on the various talk pages.

The site contains parodies of Christians and creationism with blunt "pro-creationist" phrases such as, "Evolution is a vile, satanist religion that will land all its followers in hell," and, "Conservapedia contains unquestionable divine truths, and anyone who disagrees will be branded as a heretic."