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Jim Blume

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Jim Blume, a missionary-pilot in Papua New Guinea, has assisted living-pterosaur investigations. In 1994, he flew to Umboi Island with Carl Baugh and Paul Nation; there they interviewed native eyewitnesses of what those islanders call "ropen." In 1996, Blume and Baugh went on another expedition, this time to the Manus Island area, where Blume observed a glowing creature that may have been a ropen. In 2006, he flew Paul Nation and Jacob Kepas into a remote mountainous area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea; there Kepas observed what seemed to be a large winged-creature sleeping on a cliff, and Nation videotaped two "indava" lights.

In 2000, Garth Guessman had an audio-recorded telephone interview with Jim Blume, who revealed much about his interviews with "nationals" (natives) of Papua New Guinea, regarding large flying creatures.