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Jacob Kepas

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Jacob Kepas, a baptist minister on the mainland of Papua New Guinea (near Wau), began assisting living-pterosaur investigators Garth Guessman and David Woetzel in their 2004 expedition on Umboi Island. Later he explored on the mainland of Papua New Guinea, searching for creatures called "indava" by villagers around Tawa Village. [1]

At about age twelve, he witnessed [2] what his villagers call seklo-bali, as it flew overhead. Investigators believe it is similar to or the same species as the ropen of Umboi.

Late in 2006, Kepas assisted Paul Nation in their expedition [3] to the Tawa Village area of the mainland of Papua New Guinea. There Nation videotaped two lights believed to be two indavas. In daylight, Kepas climbed to an area where he thought he could make out the shape of one of the sleeping creatures. Because of the distance and the steep angle of observation, he was not sure, but his associate, a local villager named Joseph, climbed higher and described the sleeping indava in terms of the size of an airplane.

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