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Male and female genders were created by God and are a strong evidence for the origin of man by special creation. Male and female differences were no accident. Male and female differences are complementary and both needed to be fully formed closely in time and place in order for procreation of a subsequent generation of persons to occur. Gender distinctions into male and female are found in plant, animal, and human life.

If it were assumed that one gender had accidentally evolved, the complementary gender would need to have also appeared, fully formed, at a near time and place. Instead, God's Word, the Bible, provides the explanation of special creation for the origin of gender which provides for the complete, near simultaneous, and co-located development of male and female genders.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:27).

As God had brought groups of animals to Adam in the beginning to name them (Genesis 2:19), so God later brought the animals in pairs of males and female to Noah to house them safely in the ark (Genesis 7:9).

Gender distinctions of male and feamle were the design and implementaton of God the Creator. Evolutionary theory has provided no mechanism for the consistent parallel origin and development of gender distinction in many animal and plant species.

Complementary gender attributes serve many purposes that include procreation but also division of labor, provision of complementary companionship, security for the female, delight and help for the male.

Gender differences have a huge, mysterious, and powerful influence on the mind, will, emotions and motivations of both genders but in different ways. How mighty and marvellous was God's work in creating the differences simultaneously!

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