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Dinosaur Discovery Zone

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John Feakes beside the giraffe skeleton
The Grand Canyon and the geologic column display
Human non-evolution

The Dinosaur Discovery Zone is a creation museum designed to give our creator and savior all the glory due him, and to give people some solid reasons to accept the Bible as factual history.

Assembled by John Feakes and CARE Ministries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the creation museum is housed in Oxford bible church, and opened its doors in 2007.

Major displays include Falsifying the Geologic Column, Humans and Dinosaurs, Human Evolution, The Creation Model, New Testament Evidences, and Old Testament Evidences. Replicas of some of the more common "hominid" skulls are on display, with detailed explanations as to why these skulls do not support evolution.

The New and Old testament evidences are archaeological in nature, and include a full-scale replica of the Pilate and Paullus Inscriptions, as well as a cast of the Narmer Pallette.

Dinosaur Discovery Zone
Kids' Club & Creation Museum
621 Oxford
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: (204)299-7883

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