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Creation Science Museum of Canada

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Ian Juby and some of the CSMC exhibits

The Creation Science Museum of Canada is Canada's first creation museum. It is a traveling museum, based out of Eastern Ontario, built and run by Ian Juby.

All of the traveling museum exhibits

The museum was assembled to reach the predominantly rural population of Canada, and travels extensively throughout the U.S. as well. The evidence for Creation is presented using fossils, fossil casts, replicas of ancient artifacts and animated models.

Some more of the exhibits

The museum can be brought to churches, schools, creation groups, and fairs, and Ian spends most of the year on the road with the displays.

It was the need for displays that caused Ian (a robotics engineer by trade) to develop and build animated displays and sculptures which did not yet exist.
As a result, other creation museums wanted these displays as well, and Ian's displays can now be seen in seven different creation museums throughout North America.

Check the tour schedule to see where the museum is going to be:
Ian Juby's Itinerary

The museum can be seen in Ian's children's presentation, viewable on youtube:
God's little creation - the Complete Creation video series

Ian Juby
110 Kings Road
Chalk River
Ontario, Canada, K0J 1J0
Phone: 877-532-9160