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Creation Bible Center

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The "Space station catwalk"
The Apollo space capsule room
The pre-flood world room

The Creation Bible Centre is located in Bow Island, Alberta, Canada. Our aim is to share evidence for creation revealed in scripture. Through our creation museum, creation presentations, and creation resources, we encourage both Christian and seeker to investigate God's revelation and see how it answers questions relating to the origins of the universe, astronomy, dinosaurs, and the origins of man. Opened in the summer of 2007, the museum was Assembled by Larry Dye the Creation Guy and the congregation of Community bible church. The museum's central theme is Larry Dye's favourite subject: Space and astronomy.

Aiming specifically for children, the museum has numerous fun, interactive displays. To get into the museum you have to take a walk through the "Space station catwalk", where the children usually first go a ride in the Apollo space capsule simulator. Creation, astronomy and space exploration are used to introduce the visitors to the Creator.

"Larry Dye the Creation Guy" is a graduate of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and North American Baptist Divinity School (Taylor Seminary). With a strong emphasis on apologetics and creationism, Larry has spoken extensively to churches, schools, science clubs, organizations, camps, libraries, and ministerials. His very first dinosaur presentation was at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Larry has 17 years of ministry experience as a youth and outreach pastor. In addition, he has received training from Shiloh Training Institute, YWAM, and the Citadel Theatre.

The Creation Guy has written and produced several full length plays including Catastrophic Park, Apollo 8 and the Storm Chaser. Larry Dye the Creation Guy brings a unique blend of creativity and humour, using scripture as a foundation for each presentation.

Larry Dye is a member and former director of the Sunridge Observatory (Medicine Hat Astronomy Club) and has developed space camps for the Medicine Hat College summer programs.

Creation Bible Center
706 Centre Street
Bow Island, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 545-6757