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Scientific Classification
  • Amblycipitidae
  • Amphiliidae
  • Ariidae
  • Aspredinidae
  • Astroblepidae
  • Auchenipteridae
  • Austroglanididae
  • Bagridae
  • Callichthyidae
  • Cetopsidae
  • Chacidae
  • Clariidae
  • Claroteidae
  • Cranoglanididae
  • Diplomystidae
  • Doradidae
  • Erethistidae
  • Heptapteridae
  • Ictaluridae
  • Lacantuniidae
  • Loricariidae
  • Malapteruridae
  • Mochokidae
  • Nematogenyidae
  • Pangasiidae
  • Parakysidae
  • Pimelodidae
  • Plotosidae
  • Pseudopimelodidae
  • Schilbeidae
  • Scoloplacidae
  • Siluridae
  • Sisoridae
  • Trichomycteridae
  • Conorhynchos (incertae sedis)
  • Ancharias (incertae sedis)

Catfish are any of the species of fish that belong to the taxonomic order Siluriformes. They are named as such because of their barbels; it gives the image of cat's whiskers. Most catfish are found in freshwater of in every countries. Usually catfish are 20 ~ 30cm long, but some are called 'monster creatures' and 1 ~ 3m long. Catfish's body shape is a cylinder type and their head's top and bottom is really flat.[1]

One of famous catfish's characteristic is that catfish have no scale. Young catfish have 3 pairs of barbels, but as time goes by catfish's number of barbel's getting lower and lower and it becomes a thick barbel. Catfish's body color is usually dark brown and their upside color is darker than bottom side color. Catfish is nocturnal animal and they are carnival. Their food is earthworms and small insects; they eat everything if a creature is smaller than them. In Asia, catfishe are using as good food source and there many catfish farms. [2]


The Channel Catfish of the Potomac.

Catfish's anatomy is usually same as other fish except their barbels and no scale.

  • 1. Barbel - fish's mustache
  • 2. Nares - Nose
  • 3. Eyes - parts of fish's body with which they see
  • 4. Operculum - Circulation system to breath
  • 5. Spiny Dorsal Fin - Spiny backside fin; usually use for their protection.
  • 6. Soft Dorsal Fin - Soft backside fin.
  • 7. Caudal Fin - Tail
  • 8. Peduncle - Connection part for tail and body/
  • 9. Vent - Air sac to go up and down.
  • 10. Pelvic Fins - the ventral fin of a fish
  • 11. Mouth - the area of fish's face where fish's teeth is.



Pre-mating behavior of the far eastern catfish.

They reproduce sexually and usually lay their eggs during May ~ July. Some catfish spread their eggs in deep water and some attach their eggs at watergrass or rocks. During the rut, catfish give cows mating signs; male cover female's body to mate. [4]


Catfish's habitat is freshwater; lake and swamp. Sometimes catfish fight each other because of the struggle for existence. For that reason, catfish's viability is really strong. They can also live in pollution Alerted water (level 3). Creatures that are smaller than catfish can't compete very well. [5]