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Bottlenose dolphin

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Bottlenose dolphin
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Scientific Classification

Tursiops truncatus

Bottlenose dolphins are highly intelligent and are the most common dolphins used in aquarium shows. They are usually playful with people. Dolphins live in Warm Ocean and are difficult to raise because when they breed in an aquarium, they get a lot of stress. Dolphins range in length from 3m to 3.7m. The forehead and the mouth is distinguished and is the biggest dolphin section. Their muzzle is long and looks like a bottle. Because of this they are called bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins make many calls under water and use the calls for communication.


Dolphin anatomy

The olfactory nerve of dolphins and the olfactory lobe in the brain are very poor as the other kind of whales and are disappeared the first of brain cell. The muzzle has a sensory hair at the fetal life, after calf’s birth, it comes off. Bottlenose dolphins have an acute sight if the eyes that is located the side of the head, but transparency of seawater is less than 40m so it is important that the auditory nerve for the life of dolphins. According to scholars, echolocations of dolphins, such as their signal power, unable to see qualities, distinguishableness.

They communicate with the others through songs, whistles, and body language. Examples of body language are jumping out of the water, colliding jaws, waving a tail on the surface of the water, and taking each other heads. All of these sign are a way for declaration of intention.


If they are pregnant, they give birth to only one dolphin. The young dolphins are raised up by the mother who feeds them milk for six to eighteen months. The calves live closely with their mother for up to 6 years; the males are not involved in the raising. Mostly young dolphins are, which the age of six months is after, eat the female’s milk and what the female eats. A pregnancy period is 12 months. The young are born in shallow water. A calf is born, the range of length is, about 1 m . The females become sexually mature the age of five to twelve, the males a little bit later, the age ten to twelve. The males limit the movement of a female, waiting for her to become sexually. The same pairs have been absorption in intense sexual play with each other. The males have two slits on the inside of the body; the penis and the anus. The females have one genital slit.

Ecology and Conservation

They live the side of coast with small group, especially the West coast. They usually eat fish and squid. Therefore the fishing industries are injured a lot.


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