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Asexual reproduction

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Cellular reproduction through Binary Fission.

Asexual reproduction is a mode of having offspring that does not involve sex. Offspring resulting from this method come from a single parent and inherit the genes from that parent only. In genetics terms, it is a method of reproduction where a 1N cell produces two to four cells with the same chromosome number.

It does not involve meiosis or the the union of gametes such as ovum, sperm, or pollen. Therefore, offspring are genetically identical to the parent (clone), unlike those produced through sexual reproduction. This form of reproduction (also known as agamogenesis) is common among plants and single-celled organisms such as amoeba.

Binary Fission

Main Article: Binary Fission

Binary fission is a form of asexual reproduction during which a single cell divides to form two new cells called daughter cells. This can be by a motile stage or a nonmotile stage. Both daughter cells contain an exact copy of the genetic information contained in the parent cell.

Vegetative Reproduction

Vegetative reproduction in the "air plant" Kalanchoë pinnata
Main Article: Vegetative Reproduction

Although sexual reproduction is common in plants, most also reproduce asexually through what is commonly called vegetative propagation. There are a number of plant tissues capable of this process, for example rhizomes (potato), runners (strawberry), stem pieces (willow), and seed (dandelion).


Budding is a form of asexual reproduction where a copy of the parental body forms as a protrusion. The bud stays attached to the primary organism for a while, before becoming free. Like all forms of asexual reprodution, the new organism is genetically identical to the parent. Budding is very common in plants, but is also found in some animals, such as the hydra, sponge, and corals.

Problems for Evolution

Evolution has trouble explaining why given that asexual reproduction is so easy anything would evolve to reproduce sexually. Creationism doesn't have this problem since God made the asexualy and sexualy reproducing creatures.

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