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The Modern Creation Trilogy

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By Henry Morris and John Morris

• Volume One: Scripture & Creation - 232 pages - Evidences found throughout the Bible for special creation.

• Volume Two: Science & Creation - 343 pages - Examines only the scientific facts.

• Volume Three: Society & Creation - 208 pages - The effects on society of a pervasive evolutionary philosophy.

The Modern Creation Trilogy is the definitive work on the subject, and a must for anyone interested in the study or origins. Read about the easy capitulation by theologians confronted with Charles Darwin‘s evolutionary theories, or the mysterious Babylonian creation story, Enuma Elish. Find out what the Bible says about dinosaurs, Noah’s flood, and Christ’s firm acknowledgement of the importance of Genesis. This project covers all the bases, and as a beautifully bound set, makes the perfect gift for believers and even unbelievers.



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