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Stand to Reason

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Stand To Reason (STR) is an apologetics organization, created to provide Christians tools to defend the Christian faith in a productive and helpful manner. STR's website contains countless articles, blog posts, and podcasts related to Christianity and Biblical truths. STR is lead mainly by three Greg Koukl. STR was created in order to reach out to the world in multiple ways, in order to show the genuine truth of who God is, and what he has called Christians to through His Word. STR's website is packed with articles from multiple authors on controversial subjects and questions that many people have today. Their mission is to strengthen christians faith and point out the evidences of just how real God and his love is. The staff of STR is not afraid to blog or preach about some of the biggest topics of today, such as: abortion, homosexuality, ect.

Contact Info

Name::Stand to Reason
Address::1438 E. 33rd St.
 City::Signal Hill, [[State::California|]] Zip::90755
Phone: Phone::800 2-REASON

Website: Web site::
Facebook: Facebook::
YouTube: YouTube::

Inspiration and Planting of the Organization

When he was a pastor in California, Greg Koukl was approached to speak at a Bible institute in India. While teaching there, a member of the church persuaded him to step out of his comfort zone and plant his own Biblical organization. That same year, 1993, with the help of some encouraging church friends, Greg Koukl founded Stand to Reason. He then began working with the organization full-time in 1994, after leaving his pastoral job in his church. The organization has changed locations a few times, for it's original location was a small office in Koukl's church. Koukl and his large staff are now able to reach thousands through their websites, and speak all around the world. In 2013 the STR staff celebrated their twentieth anniversary, by posting a brand new website.[1]

Staff & Leaders

Greg Koukl
Greg Koukl is the founder and president of STR. Before becoming a Christian, Greg Koukl believed that Christianity was too nonsensical for a practical person like him. However, after pursuing and deeply studying the Bible and the beliefs of the Christian faith, Koukl realized there was more truth to this faith. He devoted his life to the faith after realizing that the Bible and Christianity made the most sense and explained the world and human existence most sensibly. Koukl is now actively preaching the truth of the Bible and sharing his wise knowledge of the Christian faith. He does so by speaking at colleges, hosting and debating on his own radio show, publishing books, and interview on news channels. Koukl has had seven books published focusing on Biblical topics, and is a best-selling author. He is also currently a professor at Biola University.[2]
Alan Shlemon

Alan Shlemon is one of the main speakers of STR. Shlemon obtained a faith in Christ, but soon lost it after being unable to answer the tough questions. However, a Christian professor reached out to him and restored his faith by making the truth of the Bible, more clear and simple. Though Alan Shlemon was involved in physical therapy his ability to care for others lead him to pursue a career in spiritual counseling. This led him to become increasingly dedicated to learning and sharing the truth of the Bible. He graduated from California State University, and obtained a Master of the Arts degree through Biola University. Currently, Alan travels across the world speaking at conferences, in churches, and to students of all ages. [3]

Tim Barnett

Tim Barnett is another one of the speakers and leaders of STR. Barnett deeply questioned the trustworthiness of the Bible throughout his education. However, when he discovered the reliability of the Bible's answers he turned toward God. Barnett's discovery of God has lead to him reaching people across the world, telling them the good news of Christ. Barnett is a teacher now in public and private education, and is pursing a degree in philosophy, while living in Ontario Canada. [4]

reThink Apologetic Conference Logo

reTHINK Apologetics Conference

reTHINK Apologetics is a student conference lead by STR that equips youth with the tools they need to fight for their faith. The staff at reTHINK believe that a true and effective ambassador possesses three major characteristics: knowledge, wisdom and character. Those three aspects are what their conferences hope to bring to the new generation. By providing biblical answers to those willing to ask the hard questions, reTHINK is building up new hearts devoted to the truth. A variety of speakers take the time to proclaim truth and knowledge over our young people, so they can strengthen their believe and trust in God's word. This is chance for kids to speak up the questions and doubts they have in their mind. reTHINK gives them answers to these looming questions that perhaps no other person in their lives could share with them. [5]


This is a video produced by STR, summarizing the story of Christianity and God.


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