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Russell Arndts

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Russell T. Arndts (Feb 11, 1935 - July 23, 2010) obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Louisiana State University in 1968. In 1970 he became a full time chemistry professor at St. Cloud State University. It was during this time that some of his students encouraged him to take a closer look at evolution, and he was surprised to find weakness in some of the logic used to substantiate the claims of evolutionists.

In the early 80’s, he and a fellow scientist Bill Overn began investigating a theory that isotopes were not always from radioactive decay, but could have been the result of already existing materials. They further established a mixing model as an alternative to isochron dating.

Arndts was a featured speaker at the 1983 National Creation Conference held in the Twin Cities. He retired from teaching in 1999, and since then had been helping Christians understand the creation worldview. He has numerous writings having to do with the big bang and the reasoning process used by evolutionists. Dr. Arndts served on the advisory board of Creation Moments.