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ProGenesis is an outreach to people who are influenced daily to accept evolutionary thinking. Our mission is to create a traveling display that creates the opportunity to present creation a weekend event meant to present the gospel to school-age children. In order to do this, the centerpiece will be Dinosaurs and fossils in a hands-on display.

Kid mookie.jpg

Purpose and Activities

The main purpose of the ministry, however, will be to enable churches to schedule the display and to invite neighborhood parents and children to see the fossils and learn about the SCIENTIFIC support for intelligent design and the Creator. Three programs will be offered. One program will be for kids up to 8 years old, another for kids from 9-15 and finally an in-depth adult seminar. To accomplish this ProGenesis has invested in many museum quality replicas and actual fossils that most kids love to see and handle. Beside the fossils, he also brings his pet Macaw named Mookie to youth groups. He uses the bird to illustrate why design had to be involved with God’s creation. Mookie loves children and the kids love to hold and pet the large bird.

Once the program is complete we will replicate it in various areas throughout the country.