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Percival Davis

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Percival William Davis is an activist in the intelligent design movement and an American author. He received a master of arts in zoology from Columbia University, and a bachelor of arts in zoology from DePauw University. Davis also got 60 credit hours beyond the Master's degree at the University of South Florida and Columbia University, in zoology, ecology, and physiology. He was also a professor of Life Science at Hillsborough Community College in Florida starting in 1968.

The term "intelligent design" came into general usage after the publishing of his 1989 book called Of Pandas and People which was co-authored by Davis and Dean Kenyon. Dean Kenyon is currently working on a reedited version of Of Pandas and People, with coauthor Percival Davis, now being retitled as The Design of Life. They suggested that Darwinism, which is more than a century old, was no longer useful, mostly because evolution can't explain all the biological complexities, which they say shows great evidence of intelligent design.

The book, A Case for Creation was also co-authored by Percival Davis and Wayne Frair, which was published through Chicago's Moody Bible Institute in 1983.


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