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Kanawha Creation Science Group

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The Kanawha Creation Science Group (KCSG) is a non-profit Christian organization committed to promoting Creation Science and providing evidence against evolution. The KCSG ministers to West Virginia and surrounding areas.

Kanawha Creation Science Group
PO Box 9090
South Charleston, WV 25309


In the fall of 1995, two things happened that began the formation of the Kanawha Creation Science Group. A daughter came home with questions about the evolutionism being crammed down her throat and Dr. Bert Thompson was speaking several times at a nearby church. Karl Priest went out on a cold drizzling night to hear Dr. Thompson. God laid it upon Karl's heart to begin a local creation science ministry although he had never heard of such a thing. Karl passed out fliers and paid for a radio spot on local Christian radio and reserved a room in the South Charleston library for meetings. There Karl sat alone reading his Bible and praying for several weeks. Just as Karl was beginning to believe his efforts were useless, Bobby O'Connor called and then met with Karl. Dr. John Roller also met with the two men and then a retired science teacher, Jo Bricker, joined the group, thus forming the nucleus of the Kanawha Creation Science Group.

Since then, the KCSG has promoted Creation Science awareness in West Virginia and surrounding areas, striving to equip others with the materials and information needed to fight against the teachings of evolution and hosting an annual WV Creation Conference. A list of available speakers can be found at their website

Statement of Belief

1. The universe and everything in it was created by God rather than by spontaneous generation and development from one kind into another.

2. All creation was accomplished in six consecutive literal days -- not over millions of years and the earth is thousands (not millions) of years old

3. A world-wide, historical flood, caused by God, occurred at the time of Noah.

4. The Bible is the inerrant, revealed Word of God to man and is accurate in all areas including geographical, numerical and scientific.

5. Salvation, made necessary by the fall of Adam, comes only through Christ.

Board of Directors

President: Daniel Hoskins
Vice President: Nichole Dean
Secretary: Jason McCale
Treasurer: Brock Terry
Ministerial Outreach: Terrence Williams

Karl Priest, Bobby O'Connor, Linda Hoskins, Rick Greathouse

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