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David Woetzel

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David Woetzel in Cameroon, Africa

David Woetzel, a New Hampshire businessman, is an active cryptozoology explorer, having searched for the Mokele Mbembe in Africa and the ropen in Papua New Guinea. His 2004[1] expedition to Umboi Island, with Garth Guessman and Jacob Kepas, resulted in detailed interviews [2]with villagers. In addition, Woetzel himself saw [3] what investigators believe was a bioluminescent ropen (a living pterosaur) one night as the distant glowing form flew behind a mountain.

In the summer of 2007 someone using the name "David Woetzel" uploaded a questionable "ropen" video onto YouTube. This person was not the Creationist who explored in Papua New Guinea searching for ropens, and that person's (not the real David Woetzel) account and video were thereby removed from YouTube in mid-November, 2007. The Creationist David Woetzel who is listed here on CreationWiki had no association with any "1924 expedition" video.


  • Woetzel, David. "The Fiery Flying Serpent," Creation Research Society Quarterly, Volume 42, March 2006

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