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Genesis Creation Science Institute

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The Genesis Creation Science Institute ( is a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA and now headquartered in Flgastaff, AZ dedicated to teaching Biblical creationism for the origin of our universe, our world, and life as we know it. The GCSI believes that true science and God are not "at odds" with each other, but that a correct interpretation of the physical evidence throughout the world will always point to God and a created universe.

They believe that the Bible is foundational to all science and knowledge and hold it to be inerrant in it's entirety and truly applicable in meaning and understanding according to author's original intent. The GCSI's mission is to teach people how to present a clear understanding of Creation Science based on the accounts in Genesis 1-10 and the rest of the Bible.

The Genesis Creation Science Institute provides educational courses, presentations, and studies, as well as creation-themed trips, field work, and events. This includes hands-on educational classes in various fields of study that cover many topics in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, and more. They also run Genesis Camp (, a creation science themed day camp for students, designed to teach them about creationism and the scientific evidence for a young earth creation.


In March, 2011 guest speakers from the Genesis Creation Science Institute were denied access to share to students involved in the student-run New Life Club at Fleming Middle School in Lomita, CA. While there was speculation of legal action regarding a violation on the school's part regarding First Amendment Rights and Religious Discrimination, the GCSI and students involved decided not to pursue any action.

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