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Creation Truth Foundation

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CTF's Logo

Creation Truth Foundation (CTF) is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp to address the domestic problems facing Church families (i.e. high divorce rates and the loss of young people to secular thinking). It is the view of CTF that darwinian evolutionism has overthrown the dominance of the Bible (creation in particular) as the foundation of America’s world view. Furthermore, this secular world view has provided the platform for secular humanism to separate God from public life. The end result of which has been an unprecedented moral and educational decline throughout the United States. It is therefore, the goal of CTF to address these problems by helping to return the Christian community to our Biblical foundation (Genesis 1-11 ).

Contact Information

Creation Truth Foundation
P.O. Box 1345 Noble, OK 73068
Office Hours: 9am - 5pm (CST) Monday-Friday

CTF's Statement of Faith

CTF has a statement of faith for what they believe in for 8 different subjects. These subjects are: The Bible, Special Creation, Historicity, God, Redemption, Salvation, Holy Spirit, Satan, and Last Things. [1] Because there are a variety of different topics that CTF has a statement of faith for, the top ones are listed below along with their direct statement of faith.
Their statement of faith for the Bible says:

The unique divine inspiration of all the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments as originally given, so that they are infallibly and uniquely authoritative and free from error of any sort, in all matters with which they deal, scientific and historical as well as moral and theological.[2]

Their statement of faith for Special Creation says:

Special creation of the existing space, mass, and time in the universe and all its basic systems and kinds of organisms in the six literal days of creation week.[3]

Then CTF's statement of faith for God is:

The triune, Godhead- one eternal, transcendent, omnipotent, personal God existing as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [4]

CTF believes that a lot of our evidence comes from the Bible itself. It’s just a matter of believing in it that makes the difference. They also believe that in order to believe that God created the earth, one must have faith in the simple systems and creations that were created during creation of Genesis.

CTF's Founder

Dr. G. Thomas Sharp
Dr. G. Thomas Sharp's main goal and purpose in life is to understand and create solutions for the main problems that face today's Christian society. In result of his purpose and research, he started the Creation Truth Foundation, Inc. in 1989. He travels all around the world to speak at churches, schools, universities, and conventions. He began his science education in 1964. Since then he has earned a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) from Purdue University, obtained a Master's at the University of Oklahoma, and a Ph.D from South Florida Bible College and Seminary. [5] He currently lives in Oklahoma. Dr. Sharp has founded many things. He is currently the founder and chairman of The Creation Truth Foundation Inc. and the founder of the Institute of Biblical Worldview Studies (IBWS). Both located in Oklahoma. He is also the co-founder and president of the Museum of Earth History which is located in Eureka Springs, Arizona. He believes that evolution has a strong impact on the christian culture, families, and churches. He also believes that evolution threatens Christians' beliefs and heritage and causes doubt. [6]

CTF's Mission/Mission Statement

...that we must never forget that the foundational verse for the entire Bible is Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Because to forget this verse or to minimize it in any way, destroys the authority of God and the Bible.[7]

CTF's mission is to accomplish their mission statement. In their mission statement, they state that the base of creation and all truth comes from Genesis 1:1. That in the beginning, God did create not only the heavens but the earth as well. If one should lessen the value or importance of this verse, it diminishes Christ's authority and the word of God.
CTF is the head organization but is further broken down into "departments." All of these departments have their own goals and specific areas that they work towards from CTF's mission statement. They have specific goals to contribute and assignments and projects that work within their range. These assignments and projects help CTF to reach their full potential and fulfillment in each individual's part of the mission statement. CTF does their best to classify and prioritize it's programs, activities, projects, and more to best achieve it's goals in their mission statement.

Museum of Earth History

Main Article: Museum of Earth History
Museum ofearth history.JPG

The Museum of Earth History was founded by Dr. G. Thomas Sharp and is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is a 3,000 square foot building full of Christian artifacts and evidence. The museum consists of three main parts: life before the fall, the post-fall world, and life after the ruining effects of the Great Flood in Genesis. [8] There are several features that this museum has including life-size dinosaur skeletons and life models that tell the stories that occurred during these three parts of time (pre-fall, post-fall, life after the flood). [9] Museum of Earth History might possibly have one of the largest dinosaur fossil collection in all of Arkansas. [10] The goal of MOEH is to show how dinosaurs fit in with creation theory and the Bible. [11] The museum tries to explain that dinosaurs went extinct from the flood, rather than from comets as evolutionists believe. [12] The museum's building used to actually be a real church. When you go into the museum, you get a set of headphones and as you tour the museum you listen to the Biblical story and real facts that include dinosaurs and the Ice age. [13]

CTF's Newsletter

CTF has a newsletter that is distributed once a month. It generally consists of a letter from the president (Dr. G. Thomas Sharp), pictures from recent ministry programs, letters from the mission field, and also information on topics that CTF tries to help readers understand. [14] They also have program schedules and articles that help us Christians try and understand how to defend our faith. CTF tries their hardest to get the news out on how Evolution is attacking our modern society. So in order to do this, they try and have as many resources available as possible. They have a newsletter, an online bookstore, an article database, a website, a museum, and a media archive.