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Creation Astronomy (book)

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Creation Astronomy.jpg



By Jill Whitlock, Felice Gerwitz
170 page paperback
ISBN 0-931941-07-6

Creation Astronomy Did you ever want to learn about the constellations? Here is the book to aid in your quest. The stars come alive as they give glory to God, the awesome creator!

This study guide is written for grades K-12 with lesson plans, ideas, experiments, and activities in each subject area. This unit features a 26 page teaching outline looking at the problems of the evolution model and scientific findings. It looks at the constellations from a Biblical perspective with the Gospel message in the stars. This book refutes the Big Bang Theory and gives some of its history and how it has changed over the years, especially since the Hubble telescope was repaired. Included are many evidences for a young solar system. There are star charts of the original 48 constellations with pictures and star formations. This book defines the original Hebrew and Greek meanings of the names of the stars. An exciting study guide for those who are interested in teaching Astronomy from a Creation perspective!



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