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Come Reason Ministries

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Come Reason Ministries is a web based group that was created to help people understand the Bible's tough questions. The website also provide's teachings that are easy to understand as well as well-written blogs from Christian authors from all over the country. On their website, there are also many good podcasts that are completely free to anyone who wishes to spend time listening to an easy to understand biblical message. Come Reason Ministries also hosts numerous lectures and debates defending Christianity as well as putting on mission trips to help people all over the world learn about Christ. Come Reason Ministries is a great organization that makes it as easy as possible to understand God's teaching.[1]

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Mission statement

Come Reason Ministries was created to help provide the answers to those tough biblical, ethical and philosophical questions. Through our web site and other media, we aim to engage non-believers with the truth of the Gospel - and to equip today's Christian so they can confidently and convincingly defend their faith. The rejection of truth and resulting collapse of moral values are quickly eroding the foundation of Christian principles on which our nation was founded. In this chaotic and sometimes hostile environment, Christians are being bombarded with difficult questions about their beliefs, and many are struggling to hold onto their faith."

Come Reason Ministries is a wonderful place for new Christians searching for a place to help with questions they may have. Long time Christians can appreciate this website by reading, or listening to a new take on biblical messages. Come Reason Ministries also provides a free monthly newsletter they send out to encourage the reader.[2]

online articles

Come Reason Ministries has many good articles on their website for free. These well-written, interesting articles are written from many different people from around the United States. The articles on the website vary in themes such as, the existence of God, Biblical contradictions and society and culture. These articles are well thought out and make it easy for the reader to understand what the article is about. The website makes it easy to choose the topics you want to learn about, all you have to do is choose a topic and the website will produce many, many articles that fit what you as an individual are looking for.

Come Reason Events

Come Reason Ministries is not just a website full of articles, but also hosts events that everyone is welcome to come to these events take place at Harvest Christian Fellowship in CA. Each event starts at 7:00 on multiple days in the months of October, November and December. These events can cover, but are not limited to topics such as morality, atheism and the Christian heritage of Thanksgiving. If you live in, or near the area of these events, I strongly urge you to check them out for yourselves and experience this for your self.


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