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Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use

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by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati (2005)

49 minute seminar

In this candid presentation before an international conference of nearly 600 creationist speakers and writers, scientist Dr. Jonathan Sarfati reveals the out-of-date, faulty and downright "flaky evidences" that reputable creationists must avoid. In his trademark style, Sarfati challenges some of the most-loved arguments of modern creationists. Bottom line: hold "facts" loosely and focus intensely on God's written Word as the absolute guide to evidence interpretations!

You get succinct explanations and warnings regarding:

Discover how to avoid or overcome:

  • Scientific fallacies
  • Outdated arguments
  • Universal statements


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This DVD has very valuable information about Creation arguments that are outdated, faulty, or "flackey evidences." Sarfati presents information about the arguments in a very clear manner, while exploring them to find the real truth about these common arguments "Creationists should not use."

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