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Tom Hennigan

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Thomas D. Hennigan

Thomas D. Hennigan was born in Syracuse, New York. For 20 years, he had been educated in the public school and university systems and told that neo-Darwinian evolution was scientific truth. It began in the primary grades, during the introduction of dinosaurs, and then permeated most academic subjects throughout the rest of his academic career. In college he felt comfortable with his grasp of the "true" history of the world, and all of his favorite science programs only reinforced what he was learning in his coursework.


His view of life would change during a forest management field trip to North Carolina. He found himself in an origins discussion with two Christians who shared the scientific case for a Creator and how chance natural processes over millions of years could not have caused the complexity of life on earth. He had never heard the creation perspective before, in a philosophy of science context. Scientists studying the past were not present at the beginning and don't know the initial conditions, so they must conjecture based on preconceived philosophical assumptions. That is, in the discipline of science, a researcher's worldview affects their starting premises which are used to interpret scientific data. This was a revelation to Tom. After long study and watching God answer prayer, he recognized that the Word of God was reliable and trustworthy. Persuaded by the evidence, he gave his life to the Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Today, Tom is a science educator and wildlife ecologist. His degrees include an A.A.S. in Forest Technology from the School of Forest Technology in Wanakena, New York, a B.S. in Natural Resources Management from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, an M.S. in Education from Syracuse University and an M.P.S. in Environmental and Forest Biology from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. When he is not teaching biology, wildlife ecology, and environmental science you might find him sampling small mammal communities, performing night surveys of migrating spring amphibians, or studying plant succession effects on endangered rattlesnakes. His ecological studies and experiences have brought him to places such as the Grand Canyon, the forests of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and the Galapagos Archipelago.

His specific scientific interests include herpetology, forest/wetland ecology, biomonitoring local streams and ecological developmental biology. Scientific affiliations include; The Creation Research Society, the Creation Biology Society the The Wildlife Society and the Ecological Society of America.

He is passionate about the Creation vs. Evolution issue and speaks to church youth groups, congregations and Sunday school classes. He has also shared about God's creation through activities like wilderness backpack adventures, canoe trips, zoo tours, local nature walks and writing for Creation, Creation Illustrated, Journal of Creation, Answers Research Journal, and Answers magazine.

Tom and Jennifer reside at their forest home in Central New York and have 4 children.