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John Whitcomb

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John and Norma Whitcomb.

Dr. John C. Whitcomb (born June 22, 192422 June 1924
20 Sivan 5684 He
19 Tammuz 5927 AM
in Washington, D.C.) is a theologian who co-authored The Genesis Flood, widely acknowledged by creationists and evolutionists alike to have had great significance in igniting the modern creationist movement around the world. He is an enthralling speaker and a well-known author.

Dr. Whitcomb served in World War II. After the war he received a BA with honors in ancient and European history from Princeton University. He earned a BD, ThM, and ThD from Grace Theological Seminary, where he taught from 1951 to 1990 in the seminary's Old Testament and Christian Theology departments.



  • The Genesis Flood : The Biblical Record and its Scientific Implications. by Henry M. Morris and John C. Whitcomb. 1961. Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 518 pages.
  • The Early Earth : An Introduction to Biblical Creationism. by John C. Whitcomb. Revised edition 1986. Baker Book House, 174 pages.
  • The World That Perished : An Introduction to Biblical Catastrophism. by John C. Whitcomb. Revised edition 1988. Baker Book House, 184 pages.


A portion of the talk "The World That Perished", by Dr. John Whitcomb (2:51)


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