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Creation (magazine)

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Creation magazine is the world's leading creationist publication, published by Creation Ministries International in Australia, and with an editorial team comprising Dr Don Batten, Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, and Dr Tasman Walker.


Creation magazine is a 56-page quarterly periodical (published four times per year) with no paid advertising, and is distributed to over 140 countries. It is available both as a full-color printed magazine and in a digital edition. Creation was begun by Dr Carl Wieland in 1978 with the name Ex Nihilo. Soon afterwards, it was published by the Creation Science Foundation, and was later renamed Creation Ex Nihilo, then simply Creation.[1] (see History, below.)

Each issue includes reader feedback, a "Focus" section with reports of news items relevant to creation, a four-page children's section, and an interview with a creationary scientist, along with various other articles. The magazine originally included technical articles, but a peer-reviewed journal, now titled the Journal of Creation, was begun to publish these, and Creation is now dedicated to publishing articles at a layman's level.

The magazine is distributed mainly by subscription, but is also available in some Christian bookshops and selected newsagents in Australia. Subscriptions are available for purchase online or by contacting the various international CMI offices. It was also available from Answers in Genesis until 2005 after which they stopped distributing the magazine (and the Journal of Creation) in America and substituted their own new Answers magazine for the remainder of existing Creation subscriptions.

Back issues are available for purchase at a greatly reduced savings. In addition, many of the articles from back issues are now available free on-line on the CMI web-site.

A Finnish-language print version is also available.[2] This is published less frequently by a Finnish creationist group, Luominen, and includes translations of selected articles from the English-language version.


Print edition Digital edition Both editions
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Australia (Australian dollars) $28 $52 $75 $19 $30 $42 $32 $60 $85
New Zealand (New Zealand dollars) $35 $68 $98 $25 $40 $55 $40 $76 $108
United States (U.S. dollars) $25 $48 $68 $19 $30 $42 $30 $58 $78
United Kingdom (Pound Sterling) £14 £27 £39 £10 £18 £25 £17 £33 £48
Canada (Canadian dollars) $29 $55 $78 $19 $35 $45 $34 $65 $88
South Africa (Rand) R160 R300 R420 R120 R190 R290 R190 R360 R495
Singapore (Singapore dollars) $35 $65 $92 $25 $39 $53 $40 $77 $105
Other countries (Australian dollars)   $30 $56 $81 $19 $30 $42 $34 $64 $91
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The magazine has varied its title since first being published, and had a short-lived alternative volume numbering.

Typical of volunteer and small publications, in its early years publication was erratic, but it has long since settled down to a regular and reliable schedule.

Digital subscriptions were made available from 2013.

Title Years Issues comments
Ex Nihilo 1978 vol. 1 Two issues (June and October)
Ex Nihilo 1979 vol. 2 Four issues (January, April, July, and October)
Ex Nihilo 1980 vol. 3 Four issues (February, May, August, and November)
Ex Nihilo 1981 vol. 4, Nos. 1 to 3 Three issues (March, June, and October) Vol. 4 No. 2 was the first with a full-color cover and printed on glossy paper.
Ex Nihilo 1982 vol. 4, No. 4 to vol. 5 No. 2 Three issues (March, June, and October)
Ex Nihilo 1983 vol. 5, No. 3 to vol. 6 No. 2 Four issues (January, April, July, and November)
Ex Nihilo 1984 vol. 6, No. 3 to vol. 7 No. 2 Four issues (Febuary, May, August, and October)
Ex Nihilo 1985 vol. 7, No. 3 to vol. 8 No. 1 Three issues (March, June, and November)
Creation Ex Nihilo 1986—2001 vol. 7 No. 4 to vol. 23 No. 2 Four issues each year (March, June, September, and December), with each volume starting with the December issue.
Creation 2001—2009 vol. 23 No. 3 to vol. 31 No. 4 Four issues each year, as before.
Creation 2010— vol. 32 No. 1— Four issues each year (January, April, July, and October), with each volume starting with the January issue.
Cen 1 1.jpg

The cover of the first issue
ExNihilo2 3 p38.jpg
A page of vol. 2 No. 3 (part of this article)
CEN 7 4.jpg
The first issue with the Creation Ex Nihilo name

For a very short time (no more than the six issues shown below), the magazine was given a dual numbering system, presumably coinciding with expanding distribution of the magazine into the American market.

Date Consistent numbering Alternative numbering
October 1982 vol. 5 No. 2 Australian vol. 1 No. 2 International
January 1983 Unknown Unknown
April 1983 vol. 5 No. 4 Australia vol. 1 No. 4 International
July 1983 vol. 2 No. 1 International
November 1983 vol. 6 No. 2 Australian vol. 2 No. 2 International
February 1983 vol. 6 No. 3 Australian vol. 2 No. 3 International


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