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Werner Gitt

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Dr. Werner Gitt

Dr. Werner Gitt (born Born::22 February, 1937 in Stallupönen, East Prussia, Germany) has a doctorate in engineering summa cum laude from at the Technische Hochschule Aachen, or the University of Technology in Aachen. He is now retired as the director and professor, and Head of the Department of Information Technology, at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology.

Besides being a scientist, he is an active creation scientist. He was one of the leaders of the nondenominational Wort und Wissen (Word and Knowledge) society, the largest creationist society in Germany.[1] Dr. Gitt has done many talks relating to the Bible, a few being "After Death-What Then?" and "The Wonder of the Bible." He has also written many books, some of his most known are "In the Begining was Information", published in 1997, "If Animals Could Talk", published in 1990, and "Did God Use Evolution?" published in 1993. He has also published many articles in Creation Magazine, ranging from problems with theistic evolution (10 Dangers of Theistic Evolution), to whether cloning is wrong (Cloning: Right or Wrong).






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