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Rod Walsh

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Rod Walsh

Rod Walsh was born in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. In 1997 Rod was inspired to build a model of Noah's Ark to show that it was a real part of history. Over the last 7 years, Rod has ministered at over 600 venues around Australia, speaking to churches, Sunday Schools, schools, shows He's been a Christian for 25 years, and over this time he has been a Sunday School Superintendent, Elder and spent several years going into Barwon Prison with Prison Fellowship. The model is currently located in Australia and is almost complete. He is a model builder, an Ark specialist, and he is a part time speaker at the Ark Van.[1]

Rod Walsh
PO Box 462
Drysdale Victoria, Australia 3222
email: [Rodsark]

How big was the Ark?

Many people have difficulty understanding how big Noah’s Ark was. Rod Walsh, from Geelong (Victoria, Australia), set about helping people to see that Noah’s Ark was a real boat of huge proportions. Rod built a 1/72nd scale model—that is, the real Ark was 72 times bigger than Rod’s model. Rod’s model is two metres long. The actual Ark was over 140 metres long. You could fit over 350,000 of Rod’s models in the real Ark!

1/72nd scale models of animals and people next to the model Ark, people can see just how big it is—and how it could hold a huge number of animals and a lot of food, as well as Noah and his family. The Ark was certainly too big if it was meant for a few local animals escaping from a limited local flood, as some would want to believe (and why not emigrate instead?).

Rod has had a number of requests from people to show the model Ark at their church or school. When he and Nancy display the Ark, they also present the biblical account of the Flood, warning viewers of the judgment of God upon sin and of the final coming judgment. God has provided a way of escape from this judgment through Jesus paying the penalty for our sins by His death on the Cross. Since October of 2002 His second ark was constructed now he plans on making his third and final version of Noah's ark making it 1/50th size to show how large it was.[2]

Video Info

Rod Walsh shows us a brief summery to Noah's ark in 30min. telling us how big the ark is, how many animals it could have carried, and of course how long it took to build the ark due to its enormous size. This unfortunately will not be released yet until later 2008.[3]


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