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Robert Sungenis

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Robert Sungenis, the President Principal Apologist at Catholic Apologetics International

Robert A. Sungenis is a theologian and Christian apologist, and the president of Catholic Apologetics International(CAI), which evangelizes the Catholic faith. He has also been a Preacher, elder, and adult Sunday school director in several Protestant Churches. He is not only an apologist, but also an author, and sometimes appears as a guest speaker on various radio programs. He got his B.A. in Religion from George Washington University at the age of 24, and at the age of 27, he got the M.A. in theology from Westminster Theological Seminary. In April 2006, he got a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Calamus international University.[1]

He was raised a Catholic, but he became a Protestant when he was 19, to later return to Catholicism at the age of 37. The prominent reason for his to Catholicism is because he got a Surprised by Truth books edited by Catholic apologist and the author Patrick Madrid. He controverted largely on doctrinal, historical, and theological issues with many Protestant apologists such as Dave Hunt, James R. White, Robert Godfrey, Robert Zins, and Michael Horton. He is renowned for the apologetics and geocentrism.[2]

His Works and Achievements

He has worked in Protestantism, Catholicism, Eastern Religions, and Judaism for 8 years, and he's been writing about religion and theology for 32 years. He also contributed to journals, periodicals, and TV programs; they've been greatly evaluated. He was broadcasted as a guest commentator on BBC and the CNN.[3] Some critics say that his Ph.D is not creditable because it's not from accredited institution in the United States. But he got his baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degrees from United States accredited institutions, and his bachelor's degree in religion is from George Washington University (Top 10 for the following categories: Most Politically Active, Dorms Like Palaces, Great College Towns, Best in the Northeast, College With a Conscience. Also being ranked 26th for the business; MBA, and 53th among all the colleges in the States), and his master degree in religion is from Westminster Theological Seminary. [4]


As a Catholic apologist, I will not stand for this, and thus I spend my time refuting people like Dr. White. We don't go after any particular denomination or group. That is not our purpose. We only go after those who claim that the Catholic church teaches false doctrine. Dr. White takes the initiative here. If he would cease his diatribes against the Catholic church, I could probably close up shop and do something else more pleasurable to me. But as long as he is insistent, I will be insistent.[5]
Many of them don’t have academic degrees, and the few that have a baccalaureate often don’t have it in the field with which they are now claiming expertise. Since they have no academic credentials of their own, they hide this fact from their audience, but they make their forums and blogs appear to be official clearinghouses for the final word of commentary on whoever and whatever crosses their paths. Many of them have not been successful in the normal avenues of life, and to make up for it they assume an anonymous identity on the Internet and rip apart other people who have become successful.

Relying only on what they hear from their like-minded anonymous collaborators, their world is a unique mixture of prejudice, innuendo and cheap shots. Often their derisive comments are filled with so much venom and animosity it is easy to detect that hate and jealousy have become primary motives for their gossip train. In short, Internet forums are becoming little more than cesspools of sin.[6]

The educational system in the United States is deplorable, both on the university and the secondary level, and it is one of the reasons that the United States finishes near the bottom when compared to other established nations of the world. It has turned out to be a conglomeration of godless think-tanks who are only interested in preserving their economic fortunes and powerful political positions.[7]


The Fathers Know Best - Sample - Robert Sungenis

Contact Information

Robert Sungenis
Catholic Apologetics International
CAI P.O. Box 278 State Line, PA, 17263
(800)-531-6393 or (717)-597-8670


Name of the book Publisher
Not By Faith Alone: The Biblical Evidence for the Catholic Doctrine of Justification Queenship Publishing, 1997
Not By Scripture Alone: A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Queenship Publishing, 1997
How Can I Get to Heaven? The Bible's Teaching on Salvation Made Easy to Understand Queenship Publishing, 1999
Not By Bread Alone: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for the Eucharistic Sacrifice Queenship Publishing, 2000
The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. 1: The Gospel of St. Matthew Queenship Publishing
The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. 2: The Apocalypse of St. John Queenship Publishing
The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible Vol. 3: The Epistles of Romans and James Queenship Publishing
Shock Wave 2000 New Leaf Press, 1994
Contributor to Jesus, Peter and the Keys Queenship Publishing, 1996
Contributor to The Catholic Answer Book of Mary Our Sunday Visitor, 2000
Envoy of The Year, Best New Evangelist (Nominated) Envoy Magazine, 1998
My Ph.D. from Calamus International University 2007

'Not by Faith Alone(1997)', 'Scripture Alone(1997)' and 'Not by Bread Alone(2000)' are the three the most famous works he has written. [9]