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Question Evolution Project

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Darwin's foundation is cracking, and he is fading away.


Inspiration for The Question Evolution Project (a.k.a. TQEP) began with the grassroots campaign of "Question Evolution" from Creation Ministries International. There was also a video by "PPSimmons" regarding "Question Evolution". A suggestion was made to CMI that a coordinated effort for a "Question Evolution Day" would be effective. The comment was published on their site, but nothing more was said. The author ("Cowboy Bob" Sorensen) of that comment decided to attempt "Question Evolution Day" himself. His "text video" was included on CMI's "15 Questions for Evolutionists" page. Note: Neither "The Question Evolution Project" nor "Question Evolution Day" have been a product of Creation Ministries International, nor are any CMI employees affiliated with these activities.

Question Evolution Day

Although the coordinator of "Question Evolution Day" is a biblical creationist, the main thrust of that particular project was not intended to be theological. It was simply to encourage people to speak out on February 12 (Darwin's birthday) and say that they believe the scientific evidence does not support evolution. Rather, the evidence points to a Creator. People should be able to have the intellectual, professional and academic freedoms to express their views without fear of retaliation, censorship, censure and ridicule.

In January 2012, Mr. Sorensen began contacting bloggers, individuals and organizations to support the project. A Facebook "Page" was also added, and a video was made. For a beginning effort, "Question Evolution Day" was moderately successful, even attracting attention in The Christian Post and from vituperative atheists. "Question Evolution Day" was featured, and will be featured annually, on "Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman".

QE Day 1 12 2012.jpg

The Question Evolution Project

To emphasize that the project is ongoing and not limited to February 12, the name was changed to "The Question Evolution Project". The sub-project of "Question Evolution Day" is still emphasized, but the Piltdown Superman site has always been intended to be a resource for seekers of information on origins. It has links to biblical creationist sites for those interested in further research and for homeschoolers. While the Facebook Page mirrors the material at Piltdown Superman, other material is posted there exclusively.

TQEP has been growing on Facebook. Several Administrators bring a variety of interesting items to share, and creation science "memes" have been quite popular. Recently, TQEP added a page on Google+.

From the "Mission" section: Evolutionism dominates the media, education and so on. Pages like this are "equal time" to present information that is ignored and often suppressed. We attempt to help raise awareness that true science is not afraid to examine contrary evidence and allows alternative theories to the interpretation of the evidence (such as creation science). Specifically, evolutionists should not have the right to shout down, censor, censure or intimidate creationists / ID proponents. You are encouraged to investigate and get involved.

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