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Mike Smith

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For years Mike complained about the public schools.  He complained about the teachers, the textbooks, and the system.  He complained about the standards, how students are taught that everything is relative.  He complained about evolution, how our kids are being brainwashed.  He complained about the censorship, how God and the Bible have been banned from the classroom.  He complained, complained, and complained.  'Til finally, one day, God spoke to his heart telling him to stop complaining and do something.  Creation Summit is that something.

Perhaps creationists and the creation evidence have been banned from the classroom, but banned does not mean silenced.  By booking the speakers, and renting the facilities, we still have an impact.

Mike Smith
Creation Summit, Inc.
720 N. Commerce Street, # 721
Ardmore, OK 73401

phone: (580) 768-3456