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Gerald Van Dyke

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Dr. Gerald Van Dyke, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus in Botany at North Carolina State University.  He taught biology courses and is a creationist.   He took his position on creation where it was not a popular position to take, in the biology department of a state university.  For 40+ years Dr. Van Dyke has spoke out on creation, presenting the evidence in churches and other venues.  He co-founded the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation[1] (TASC), has served as chairman of its Board of Directors, and has been an active member for 30+ years.  For 25 years he served as faculty adviser to Campus Crusade for Christ at North Carolina State University.  For 38 years he taught at NCSU.  He won every teaching award that institution has to offer.  The school’s alumni recognized him as the Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor of Botany.  He helped found North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE), whose “offices” during the early years were actually in his home.

Family and History

  • Born: February 4, 1941 – Effingham, Illinois
  • Family: 5 daughters, 19 Grandchildren
  • B. S. in Education, Eastern Illinois University 1963 – Botany
  • M.S. & Ph.D., University of Illinois 1966 & 1968 – Plant Pathology Professional Experience
  • 1968-2006: Professor of Botany & Plant Pathology, Teaching and Research at North Carolina State University Graduate Courses
  • The Fungi and Biological Control of Weeds Undergraduate Courses
  • Intro. Biology
  • Plant Life
  • Kingdom of Fungi Research
  • Biocontrol of Weeds
  • Fungal Ultrastructure & Host-parasite Interactions Memberships in Professional Societies
  • American Phytopathological Society
  • North Carolina Academy of Science
  • Creation Research Society
  • Society of Sigma Xi
  • Mycological Society of America
  • Weed Science Soc. of NC Teaching and Advising Awards & Grants
  • University Outstanding Teacher 1994-1995 (NCSU)
  • Member of Academy of Outstanding Teachers
  • Teaching Fellow National Association of College of Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA)
  • Outstanding Faculty Adviser (NCSU, College of Ag. & Life Sciences) 1995-96
  • Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, NCSU 1995
  • Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching 2005-2006 (Highest teaching award given in the UNC University System) University and Department of Botany Activities
  • Graduate Director (1990-97)
  • Teaching Coordinator
  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • scheduling officer
  • Served on various local and national committees related to research and teaching
  • Over 50 articles and abstracts including a book chapter
  • Many presentations at scientific meetings including, VII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds (Rome, Italy, 1988) Other Activities
  • Numerous Bible and Creation studies, seminars, conferences, readings, etc.
  • Secretary/Treasurer Board of Ladakh Development Foundation, Mission program to India
  • Faculty Adviser to Campus Crusade for Christ at NCSU for 25 years
  • Past Chairman (presently Board Member) of Triangle Association for Science of Creation (TASC)
  • Active creation speaker in churches, civic groups, public & private schools, colleges, universities, for past 40+ years
  • Volunteer at North Raleigh Ministry and Pregnancy Life Care
  • Active Wood Carver
  • Active member of the Creation Summit Board of Directors